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Trauma Therapy for Therapists and First Responders in the San Fernando Valley

You’re a helper, an empathizer, and the one everyone comes to with their problems.

You have excellent guidance for your clients, but when it comes to your own life and self-care…it’s different.

It’s hard to leave work at work. Your client’s high-stress lives are invading into yours. Even your friends and family are pulling on you too much for support. You’re burned out. Sometimes you’re way more triggered after a session than you’d like to admit. It’s easy to get resentful at times, carrying the weight of others’ burdens and not having a truly effective outlet for your own. And the worst part? Because of therapist confidentiality, you can’t even talk to anyone in your life about what you’re going through.

It’s Time…

Let’s give your needs a little breathing room for a change.

  • It’s time to get support around how hard this work can be from someone who knows firsthand.
  • It’s time to get help for those lingering, unresolved issues that you know deep down keep you from being your best.
  • It’s time to let your past stop taking over your present.

There are new levels of personal growth and development waiting for you, and you deserve to reach them.

Starting with you taking care of you, and investing real time and energy into your own well-being.  I primarily use these modalities in my practice:

Trauma Resiliency Model




Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing


As a clinician, you know that these are some of the most researched and effective therapies on the planet, and maybe you’re curious just how much YOU could achieve with an EMDR or TRM therapist of your own. Lemme tell you: so much.

I know you’re super-picky with who you choose as a therapist, because you’re good at this work and you need someone who can meet you, get you, and impress you.

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Ask all the questions and feel out if I’m the right person for you. You’ll know. We always know quickly, don’t we? You’ve got nothing to lose and so much to gain! I can’t wait to talk.

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