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Enjoy life at home. Boost your confidence. Take back control of your life.

My Dad was a Navy vet who became disabled and never sought help for his bottled up feelings and the traumas he’d been through.

I know the impact of your work on your family.

  • As a first responder, you show up for everybody all day.
  • The pressure is unreal, and people wouldn’t believe half the things you’ve seen and done, all in a day’s work.
  • The stress comes home with you, and you bottle it up as much as you can…but sometimes you take it out on others.
  • Your partner complains that you’re always distant, in a bad mood…and they’re over it.
  • You can’t remember the last time you just felt relaxed and happy.

You dread going to work. Then you dread coming home because someone’s always mad at you there. Sometimes it feels like the walls are closing in. Except they’re not. And all the power to kick this cycle to the curb is in you.

So why try counseling?

You know that literally everyone at the top of their game uses coaching and therapy, right? Athletes, CEOs, everyone. And they don’t deal with half of what you deal with on a daily basis.

Not a touchy-feely emotional type?

No problem. You don’t need to be. The styles of therapy I practice are certified through years of research to be the absolute most effective to help people just like you. Just ask the World Health Organization, who has certified EMDR as their therapy of choice for soldiers coming out of combat.

It works. It works fast, and it gets you feeling like yourself again because:

  • Your kids need that amazing Dad again, who used to play Tickle Monster and Laser Tag, but lately seems like a distant shell of himself.
  • Your partner misses the person they married, who swept them off their feet and made them laugh harder than anyone.
  • You work so hard for other people all day that you deserve someone in your corner, helping you through the stress and getting you back to that easygoing guy you used to be.

Don’t be burned out and miserable a minute longer than you have to.

Make the choice to put yourself and your family first. Every day, I help people just like you deal with work stress and thrive at home.
Your turn.

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