Trauma Therapist Jill Drenth, LCSW

Jill Drenth, LCSW

Trauma Therapy for Therapists and First Responders in the San Fernando Valley

For Therapists

Maybe you’re a therapist or counselor, holding pain and trauma for others all day long, and it’s time to get real about the impact this work has on us.

Maybe you’re just curious about EMDR or TRM, and you want to experience them for yourself.

For First Responders

Maybe you’re a First Responder. Every day you see, hear, and manage things most of the world can’t imagine, and you do it in stride, but it’s starting to impact your home life.

You’re not as happy as you want to be, and you feel trapped.

Trauma Therapist Jill Drenth, LCSW

Hi, I’m Jill

I help the helpers.

My mission is to support the people who support other people all day.

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